How can I sell/buy Perfect Money (PM) or any other E-currencies?
If you want to sell/buy PM or any other Ecurrency you will have to contact us for further processing.

After sending the E-currecies like PM, STP etc how much time it will take to credit amount in my bank account?
After confirmation of your transferred PM in our Perfect Money account with in few Minutes amount will be credited in your bank account or other agreed way like wu/mg etc. In any case of delay it will not take more than 24 working hours but for STP we Hold funds more than 2 days.

After transfer the amount to your account or WU/MG what is the next step  in buying process?
After transfer the amount in our bank account, we immediate send you desire Ecurrency but in case of WU/MG or Bank wire you have wait untill the amount cashed.

If I need urgent?
If you need urgent you can call or SMS to given number                   
+923338642696    24 hours.
In this case you will receive your PM, STP, WMZ etc instantly in your Perfect Money account.
In case of SMS, you have to send us below information:-
1. Your deposit details (deposited amount and bank name where you deposited)
2. Your Perfect money Account Number or other Ecurrency account detail.
3. Name in your Perfect money Account.

In Case of Ukash?

We just buy Ukash in Exchange of PM,Wmz,STP and PKR.